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BHRT stands for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). What does that mean? Bioidentical refers to how molecularly similar the supplemental hormone is to the human hormone. Unlike hormones derived from other species or synthetic hormones, your body knows exactly what to do with bioidentical hormones, no "middle men" or extra steps needed to use the hormones you need!

Curious about the science behind hormone replacement?

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Your Thyroid and Whole Body Wellness

Although thyroid is a hormone, so part of the hormone panel that I start your treatment with, it is not as cut and dried as needing more estrogen or testosterone. 


There are many reasons our thyroids go from star performers to bench warmers and it’s my job to find out why.  Often the daily stress of life causes the immune system to go haywire, attacking the thyroid. 


Other times, pituitary fatigue due to poor diet, poor exercise habits and adrenal fatigue are the culprit.  There is not a one size fits all approach and you can trust that I have the expertise and knowledge to treat your specific thyroid issues.

Signs of Over-Active Thyroid:

Anxiety/irritability, trouble sleeping, losing weight, enlarged thyroid gland (goiter), muscle weakness, irregular periods/missed periods, sensitivity to heat, vision problems or eye irritation.

Signs of Under-Active Thyroid:

Fatigue, gaining weight, forgetfulness, frequent or heavy periods, dry or coarse hair, hoarse voice, or intolerance to cold.

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