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Do men need hormones too?

I have had this question asked of me a few times and it always takes me by surprise, because all humans need hormones and all humans start losing essential hormones as they age. Where the problem lies is that many men are not aware of the incredibly important role that testosterone plays in their health.

All hormones are made from cholesterol and, as less hormones are produced, more cholesterol is left to circulate throughout your body. When combined with stress and inactivity, this can have some very serious effects such as heart attack and stroke. Since hormones are important for so many chemical reactions within your body, it can have negative effects on your overall health when your hormone levels get too low and stay too low. When testosterone falls too low, it doubles the risk of death from all causes!

As less testosterone is available to the body, muscle tone degrades and the body becomes fatter, which everyone knows is not good for you. Lack of testosterone can also lead to depression, that more rounded profile and an overall lack of well being.

We all start losing our hormones in our mid 30's and continues to decline an average of 1% each year past 30. The first symptoms of hormonal imbalance are typically subtle. Unfortunately, most men don't notice the first signs until something noticeable such as erectile dysfunction (ED) begins effecting their life. ED is actually a symptom of cardiovascular disease that most likely stems from low testosterone.

Getting your hormone levels checked, no matter what sex or age you are, can help you make informed choices about your health. Testing your hormone levels is an easy first step towards preventing the negative effects of hormone decline as we age.

As always, my goal is to help all of my patients live their most optimum life. I'll see you at the clinic to check your hormone levels!

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