Our Patient First Philosophy

Everything we do at Wellness for Life is about helping you feel the best you ever have!  We want you to get up every day, excited about life and full of energy.  

While we will look at diagnostics such as labs and imaging to help with your specific diagnosis, we believe that what you tell us is equally important.  In other words, if your labs are perfect, but you feel like something just is not right, we have more work to do.

Additionally, our passion is to get to the root cause of what is happening with you.  We do not prescribe medications to cover the symptoms but dig deep to find out what is causing the symptoms and work with you to fix that.

All through my career as an ICU nurse, I have had patients tell me “I know you are busy, I can wait” to which I have always replied “I have no other reason to be here than to take care of you. I don’t have a side gig; you are my sole focus”.  I know that Caitlin feels the same way, we simply have no other reason to be here than to take care of you. Your needs, your health, your concerns are the first and foremost to us.

It is in this light that keeps me from accepting insurance.  When a third party becomes involved, then it is not just your needs. It is the profitability of the insurance company first, then your needs and I simply cannot practice that way.

When you are seen at Wellness for Life, we want you to leave feeling amazing, to wake up every day to have the best day of your life.  We simply cannot accept less, and neither should you.

About Amanda

So first, why am I qualified to treat you?  I am a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, with nine years of critical care experience mostly in Cardiology before I started my own practice.

And second, why do I want to treat you?  I am so passionate about helping patients understand what life choices they are making that are making them feel sick and tired.  I want to help you feel amazing and full of life.  I have spent enough time coaxing people back from death, I now want my whole focus to be on preventative care, restoring your health and making every day the best day of your life!

My clinical focus during my studies at Purdue University was Bioidentical Hormone therapy for both men and women.  My first day in clinicals I saw not one but several 80-year-old+ couples come into the clinic, looking good, smelling good and clearly in love with each other.   They were exuberant, had great sex lives and lived every day to its fullest, I knew right then, this was the kind of care I would practice.

And here’s some other stuff you might like to know - I’m an Army brat and I proudly followed my family tradition of serving in the US Military.   I have studied yoga for over 20 years and love speaking in the communities I serve about improving health through stress relief, healthy eating and overall increased functionality.  I believe the human body is an amazing thing and I love giving people the tools to make the most of theirs!

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About Caitlin

Hi, my name is Caitlin Halbert. I am a registered nurse and aesthetic nurse injector at Wellness For Life. I am originally from the Southwest and moving to the PNW has been incredible. There is so much recreation to choose from and I want to do it all. From the alpine hikes to kayaking in the sound, I am excited. I take my own health very seriously and I strive to maintain it. I enjoy running for long distances, hiking and backpacking every chance I get, and spending time with my dog, Luna. Both my physical and mental health benefit from time spent outdoors exercising, releasing the stresses of life while soaking in rays of sunshine. For fun, you can catch me binge watching true crime, heading up the #vanlife movement camping in our campervan on the weekends, or laying in the sun like a lizard.


I’ve been a nurse going on 10 years and most of my experience has been in the hospital setting caring for a variety of patients. I’ve recently made the switch to working in a clinic setting, as I feel ready to help patients take a more active role in their health and happiness and to see the difference we can make together in a personal setting. I chose Wellness For Life because I truly believe in their values and their purpose, where they believe in helping people feel great from the inside out, focusing on preventative care and promoting health maintenance for life.


Amanda had asked me if I’d head up the Aesthetics for the clinic and I was thrilled to do so!  I’ve been receiving aesthetic treatments for years as a patient and I’ve come to love and believe in the benefits of treatments like Botox and Fillers because they help me feel like the me I really am. I leave feeling more confident than ever and love seeing how those small changes to my appearance carry over to other facets in my life. The confidence and happiness it helps create inside me radiates unapologetically outward for the world to see and I cannot wait to share that feeling with our patients.