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Creating Wellness for Life: Root Cause Medicine Practice

Wellness for Life all started with two nursing students whose passions and strengths create the perfect recipe for whole body wellness!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to our first blog!! We are so excited to just talk with you and I thought today I would introduce us (This is Amanda by the way)

Caitlin and I met in nursing school in Northern Arizona in 2010, I was 42 and she was 22. I remember looking at her and thinking “my gosh, she is beautiful and sooooo young!” I came from a family of nurses, had served in the military, and owned a trucking company at the time, and I wondered how she would fare with the things we would face.

Our class started with 150 people or so, so I really didn’t anticipate getting to know her, but fate, you know? We were together on our first clinical rotation in a skilled nursing facility and that’s when I started to see the grit and heart that this girl is made of. We had a very overweight, bed-bound patient that we were assigned to bathe. Caitlin got right to it and was not going to finish until every speck of dirt was off that lady, we were sweaty by the end!

The next two years went by in a blur and we became such good friends, which is a blessing in my life! We studied, cried, laughed and swore together! When we graduated, we both worked in the local hospital on the medical surgical unit and after a year or so I went to ICU and Caitlin to PCU. Now pretty much everyone knows what ICU is, but progressive care is something else altogether. These nurses take 4-5 critically sick patients, that at any moment may need to move to ICU. It takes a bright and watchful nurse to work in this unit and I truthfully would never want to. I became spoiled by all the monitors and found my home in the alarms, multiple drips and code blues as Caitlin found hers in the chaos and ever changing patient load in PCU.

I moved to Las Vegas and further into the cardiac critical care realm, spending 7 years in various ICU’s and ending up in the heart catheterization lab, which is where people go when they are having heart attacks. It was exciting but exhausting and on top of that I went back to school to pursue my master’s degree on my path to becoming a nurse practitioner. I then went on to work for Skagit Regional’s cardiac clinic here in Anacortes before starting this clinic in 2020.

Meanwhile, Caitlin became a travel nurse and has spent the last 3 years in some of the most difficult, stressful circumstances that one can imagine. She is even right now, completing another travel contract to serve this amazing community during a time of need while seeing our aesthetic patients on the days she is home! She is pretty amazing!!

We bring our passion for excellence in patient care to every interaction we have with you. I am excited to help you feel amazing every day and Caitlin is excited to make you look amazing every day! I am proud to be of service as a nurse and I hope every one of you feels the dedication we have to helping you be healthy and happy.

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