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What is the difference between PRP and PRFM?

Platelet rich plasma is a natural way to achieve cellular restoration and rejuvenation. We’re putting you back into you!!

What is PRP?

At its simplest explanation, PRP or platelet rich plasma, is platelet rich plasma from a person’s own blood sample, that is injected back into the person to stimulate the regrowth of dwindling or damaged cells in targeted areas. Treatment areas can include but are not limited to; the scalp or hair line for hair regrowth, the back of the hands, joints or tendons for repair, collagen restoration in and around the face and neck via injection or microneedling.

PRP is a solution of plasma and platelets where the platelet concentration is higher than whole blood (2-3x more). The solution is collected from the patient via a blood draw and placed into a small vacuum collection tube and spun until the plasma and platelets have separated from the red and white blood cells. The liquid is then injected back into the same patient in the desired area(s) of treatment.

Is PRFM the same as PRP?

PRFM is the exact same process as PRP except that the blood collected is placed into tubes containing calcium chloride. During the suspension, this solution causes the PRP to undergo fibrin polymerization, leaving the platelet rich plasma in a fibrin matrix, which is a more viscous solution. PRFM may be desirable for better and longer lasting results than PRP in certain treatment areas.

What does PRP/PRFM do?

Platelet rich plasma is packed with many growth factors and stem cells which mimic the cells they are injected into and around, which increases the number of the cells stimulating cellular restoration, growth, and repair to the targeted tissues and increases microcirculation.

PRP/PRFM aesthetic treatments aim at growing volume and elasticity in the skin where injected. Whether it be the neck, back of the hands, tear troughs, smoker lines, or the entire face, we’re giving your cells a much needed boost of growth factors.

PRFM may be a great alternative to HA Filler for those that may want to grow their own volume, not inject it!!

What do PRP treatments help with?

  • Reduced wrinkles

  • Increased collagen and elastin production

  • Development of new blood vessels

  • Adds volume to and tightens sagging skin

  • Hair growth/regrowth

  • Pigment correction

  • Improved skin texture and rejuvenation

  • Improves overall complexion and diminishes acne scarring

How long do PRP results last?

Results can begin to appear as early as 7 days after treatment, and it takes up to approximately 8 weeks to see full results. Results typically last 6-12 months. We recommend maintenance treatment boosts every 4-6 months to stay looking and feeling your best!

How many PRP treatments will I need?

Desired results usually require multiple PRP treatment sessions. Typically, 3 treatments are required, with 4 weeks in between each session.

What do I need to know before my PRP appointment?

Before coming in for a consultation please take into consideration the following guidelines. PRFM/PRP requires your participation if you want to see results and get your money’s worth. After receiving treatments, you must refrain from Alcohol and Smoking tobacco for the following 10-14 days!!

Platelets are pretty fragile and have short life spans, like a week, if the environment in which you give them to do their job is a toxic one, the results will not come. Eating clean and avoiding these harmful chemicals are how you can take care of your treatments and protect your investment.

Are PRP treatments dangerous?

Risk is minimal since the plasma is your own, however anytime we enter the body with a foreign object, needle or cannula, we always have a chance of infection. Lower face swelling is common after treatments, especially for those who have autoimmune disorders.

Call 360-524-0111 and ask our expert nurse injector about any questions you still have!

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