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Your Guide to Bioidentical Hormone Balancing

Understanding Hormone Balance

Hormones play a crucial role in our overall well-being, influencing everything from energy levels to mood swings. At Wellness for Life, our dedicated nurse practitioners take a personalized and root-cause approach to health, guiding you through the process of hormone balancing.

Personalized Plan for a Balanced You

The journey begins with a comprehensive consultation to understand your unique hormone needs. Our providers employ various methods, including oral, topical, or subcutaneous preparations. One of the most consistent and convenient methods is subcutaneous hormone pelleting, a quick and virtually painless procedure that inserts hormone pellets just beneath the skin's surface. This gradual absorption provides a natural and consistent hormone balance, addressing symptoms including fatigue, night sweats, hot flashes, and mood swings.

Maximizing Benefits of Hormone Therapy

Optimal hormone levels contribute to a spectrum of benefits, including increased energy, improved libido, better mental focus, and more restful sleep. Additionally, hormone therapy is linked to a reduction in cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, neurocognitive decline, cardiometabolic disorders, and insulin resistance.

What to Expect from Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

After your in-depth initial consultation, we will test your hormone levels and review the results with you. Subcutaneous hormone pelleting offers a convenient replacement option for patients, with visits to re-test your labs and re-pellet as needed occurring about every 3 months. This means, with just 4 visits, you could be balanced, healthy, and strong year round!

How much does Bioidentical Hormone Balancing Cost?

Understanding the cost of hormone therapy involves considering multiple factors. From the method of replacement (oral, topical, or subcutaneous) to necessary supplements, each patient's situation is unique. Regular monitoring through saliva testing or blood serum lab draws is crucial. Factors like gender and individual hormone needs also influence costs, averaging between $100 to $250 per month.

Understanding the Risks of Hormone Replacement

Patient-specific risks associated with hormone replacement therapy are discussed thoroughly during the initial consultation. While risks are low, they vary based on gender, hormones replaced, and the patient’s medical history. We’ll be here to support you every step of the way on your journey to wellness!

Am I a candidate for hormone therapy if I have a history of cancer?

It depends. Gender, the type of cancer, and time since diagnosis are all factors to consider when we determine whether you are a candidate for BHRT. While hormone replacement is not known to cause cancer, hormones can feed active cancer cells. We complete a thorough assessment and take a complete history, including lab work to personalize care for every patient.

Understanding the Side Effects of Bioidentical Hormones

Many patients report fewer side effects with bioidentical hormones as opposed to traditional synthetic hormone replacement therapy. Common side effects of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) are similar to symptoms of hormone imbalance, as they are most likely signs of your body adjusting to the new level of hormones.

Your Partners in Hormone Balancing in Anacortes, WA

Our root-cause approach at Wellness for Life offers more than just testing and treatment; we're your partners in personalized wellness. Our nurse practitioners are committed to helping you take control of your well-being, guiding you through the journey of bioidentical hormone balancing. Find balance and get back to feeling healthy and strong from the inside out!

We believe in empowering our patients with knowledge, and high quality support to embark on a path to a vibrant and fulfilling life with Wellness for Life’s bioidentical hormone balancing. At your first visit, you can expect to feel welcomed and heard after our in-depth wellness consultation.

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